Hawaii Passes E-Cigarette Tobacco Tax Amendment

Hawaii Passes E-Cigarette Tobacco Tax Amendment
Hawaii Governor signs bill to classify e-cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids as tobacco products, subject to the same taxes and regulations.

On June 7th, local time in Hawaii, Governor Josh Green signed an amendment to the Tobacco and Cigarette Tax Law, which revises the definition of "tobacco products" to include electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. The amendment was officially announced on Governor Green's website.


Currently, tobacco and snuff products in Hawaii are subject to a state consumption tax of 70% of the wholesale price, as well as federal consumer taxes. This legislative amendment will include electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in the definition of "tobacco products," subjecting them to tobacco taxes and laws. This means that electronic cigarette products will be subject to the same tax standards as traditional tobacco products like cigarettes. The bill will take effect on January 1, 2024.


Additionally, the bill proposes an increase in license fees for distributors and retailers of cigarettes and tobacco products.


Governor Green stated:


"This legislation has been under discussion for many years. I commend the Ministry of Health and all advocates, including youth advocates, for their successful efforts to promote this matter."


Representative Scott Matayoshi stated:


"S.B. 975 is an important bill in our fight against vaping and e-cigarette use, which will ultimately save many people from the harmful effects of tobacco products."




Governor Green has signed legislation aimed at protecting children by prohibiting the use of vaping products.


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