Hong Kong Police Arrests Two for Selling E-Cigarettes

Hong Kong Police Arrests Two for Selling E-Cigarettes
Hong Kong police make first arrest under ban on e-cigarettes, detaining two suspects for sale of alternative smoking products.

Hong Kong police have made their first arrest based on the ban on electronic cigarette sales. Two suspects, ages 28 and 31, have been taken into custody for allegedly violating Section 1 of the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance by selling and possessing poisonous substances, as well as selling alternative smoking products.


On Saturday, April 30th, a new law went into effect that prohibits the importation, sale, and manufacture of e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products, and herbal cigarettes. Violators may face a maximum penalty of HKD 50,000 (USD 6,370) in fines and up to six months in jail.


Police and officials from the Department of Health conducted a raid on a mobile retail store in Mong Kok on Wednesday, suspected of selling alternative smoking products. During the operation, officers confiscated 94 boxes of e-cigarette cartridges believed to contain nicotine and 74 vaping devices.


A spokesperson for the department stated that they are committed to implementing and enforcing new legislation. "For their own and others' health, the government urges smokers to quit smoking as soon as possible.


Earlier, Hong Kong Customs arrested 11 individuals and confiscated smuggled electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products worth HKD 15 million.


Source: South China Morning Post


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