Illinois Lawmakers Pass Indoor E-Cigarette Ban in Public Buildings

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Illinois Lawmakers Pass Indoor E-Cigarette Ban in Public Buildings
Illinois lawmakers approve a bill banning indoor e-cigarette use in public buildings.

On May 10, both houses of the Illinois State Legislature passed a bill that would prohibit the indoor use of electronic cigarettes in public buildings. If signed by the Governor, Illinois would become the 18th state in the United States to ban indoor smoking in public buildings. 


The bill, proposed by Senator Julie Morrison, aims to protect the public from exposure to e-cigarette products in public places. 


Morrison believes this legislation will ensure cleaner, smoke-free air for Illinois residents, benefiting public health. Ally Lopshire, Government Relations Director at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, supports the move, suggesting that it would prevent potential harmful chemicals from e-cigarettes and thus protect public health. 


The bill is now awaiting the signature of Governor Pritzker. Previously, Illinois raised the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 in 2019 and restricted e-cigarette advertising to minors in 2022.

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