Indonesian Customs Crack Down on Illegal Goods Worth Rp 13.7 Billion

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Indonesian Customs Crack Down on Illegal Goods Worth Rp 13.7 Billion
Indonesian customs seize illegal goods worth approximately 1.37 trillion Indonesian rupiah in Batam, including tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

In recent days, according to Indonesian media outlet batampos, the customs authorities in Batam, Indonesia have seized approximately Rp 1.37 trillion (around RMB 6.53 million) worth of illegal goods (BKC) in the first half of 2023. These goods include tobacco products, illegal cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages containing methanol (MMEA).


Director of Batam Customs, Anbang Puriyongo, stated that this operation is a result of tax operations and aims to ensure the compliance of retail tax-paying sellers as part of Batam's free trade zone and free port.


Illegal goods that were seized include 8,819,577 units of cigarettes, 1,120 grams of e-cigarette devices, 4,984,820 milliliters of e-cigarette liquid, and 1,380 grams of illegal Highly Potent Tobacco-like Products (HPTL). Based on these estimates, the total value of smuggled illegal tobacco products is approximately 125 million Indonesian rupiahs, resulting in a potential loss of 740 million Indonesian rupiahs for the country.


In addition, regarding the illicitly taxed goods, the Maritime and Marine Affairs Enforcement Agency (MMEA) discovered a quantity of 2,587.76 liters, with an estimated value of around 12 million Indonesian Rupiah. The country potentially suffered losses of approximately 10 million Indonesian Rupiah. Moreover, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies such as the Joint Maritime Patrol and the Police, the Batam Customs also seized 7.5 million illegal cigarette packs, encompassing various brands.


Anbang further stated that this action demonstrates the commitment of the General Administration of Customs (GAC) to oversee illegal activities and safeguard the national economy. Additionally, he emphasized the need for support and cooperation from other departments for the customs department to ensure maximum effectiveness in monitoring illegal tobacco products.


He added:


Currently, three individuals have been designated as suspects and have undergone trial.


He called on citizens to report suspicious activities and actively participate in creating a fair trading environment. Through these efforts, society will contribute to protecting Indonesia from the infringement of illegal goods.


He said: We will further enhance inter-department coordination and cooperation, leveraging the latest technology. We aim for such actions to continue in the future, creating a better trading environment for Indonesia.

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