Introducing Mons: New Disposable E-cigarettes with Natural Nicotine

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Introducing Mons: New Disposable E-cigarettes with Natural Nicotine
South Korean disposable e-cigarette brand, Mons, is set to launch two new products on September 1st.

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According to a report by South Korean media outlet BusinessKorea, the leading disposable e-cigarette brand in South Korea, Mons, recently announced the launch of two new e-cigarette products on September 1st.


The two new products launched this time are BUBBLEMON BIG BAMON and BUBBLEMON BIG CHUNGSA. Both e-cigarettes weigh 24 grams, have a battery capacity of 430mAh, and dimensions of 123 x 23 x 10.2 millimeters. They both utilize Mesh Coil technology.


According to sources, one of the key features of this product is the use of naturally extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves, with a capacity of 4.8 milliliters. It also incorporates a pressure-sensitive airflow sensor that heats up when inhaling, and is compatible with Type-C charging.


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