Ireland's Insurance Firms Warn Drivers of E-cigarette Penalties.

Ireland's Insurance Firms Warn Drivers of E-cigarette Penalties.
Irish insurance companies warn drivers that they could face fines up to €120 if police determine e-cigarette use impairs driving.

According to recent reports in the Irish Mirror, insurance companies in Ireland have issued warnings to car owners that they could potentially face fines of up to €120 if the police determine that e-cigarettes are impairing their ability to drive.

Although it is not illegal to smoke an e-cigarette inside a car, if the driver's attention is distracted by the e-cigarette vapor, they could potentially face charges for reckless driving, as these emissions can impair vision and potentially lead to accidents.

Conor Mulcahy, an automotive expert at Quote Devil, highlighted the significant risks associated with vaping while driving for both the driver, passengers, and other motorists. He explained that many car owners tend to overlook the legal aspects of e-cigarettes and fail to realize that smoking them in the presence of individuals under the age of 18 is against the law.

Mr. Murakai added, "While smoking an e-cigarette in your car is not technically illegal, if the police believe that the vapor from the e-cigarette is affecting your driving, they may take action.

If you are distracted while driving by an e-cigarette, you may also be fined 80 euros for careless driving, resulting in a deduction of two points. If you already have four points on your license, the fine will increase to 120 euros in the case of careless driving.

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