Juul Labs seeks FDA approval for JUUL2 System vape

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Juul Labs seeks FDA approval for JUUL2 System vape
Juul Labs seeks FDA approval for JUUL2 System, featuring age verification and aiming to improve adult-smoker switching, despite past controversies.

Juul Labs has submitted an application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking approval for a new product called JUUL2 System. 


The proposed vape, already available in the UK and Canada, is touted as a "technological solution for public-health problems" and features age verification technology. 


To ensure users are 21 or older, the device pairs with a mobile and web-based app that requires customers to upload their government ID and a selfie. The device can also be locked to prevent unverified users from accessing it. This age verification feature is notable considering Juul's past controversies involving the alleged promotion of its products to younger customers. 


The new product will only be sold with one flavor, Virginia Tobacco, and will have a Pod ID chip to prevent the use of counterfeit and compatible pods. Juul claims that the new vape offers a more consistent vapor experience and better competes with combustible cigarettes. 


The company is positioning the product as a way to improve adult smoker switching while restricting underage access. Juul aims to transition adult smokers away from traditional cigarettes, although it maintains that it does not want non-nicotine users, particularly young people, to try its products. 


The company must demonstrate the public health benefits of its product to secure FDA authorization for marketing. Juul's foray into this next-generation product comes after a tumultuous period marked by FDA decisions and legal troubles. 


Last year, the FDA removed all Juul e-cigarette products from the market, claiming a lack of evidence for their health benefits. Juul is appealing this decision but has yet to recover financially from the negative impact. 


In April, the company agreed to pay $462 million to settle lawsuits accusing it of marketing its products to underage individuals. Juul's popularity has declined in recent years, potentially due to its decision to stop selling flavored products in 2018 under pressure from the FDA. 


Nonetheless, the company hopes that new products like JUUL2 System can help rebuild its reputation and regain market share.

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