Kansas reaches $10 million settlement with JUUL.

Kansas reaches $10 million settlement with JUUL.
Kansas to receive nearly $10 million as part of resolution with JUUL over marketing and sales practices targeted at youth.

After reaching a settlement agreement with JUUL, the state of Kansas (KSNT) will receive nearly $10 million (approximately 68.74 million yuan) in compensation.

Derek Schmidt, the Attorney General of Kansas, announced that a settlement had been reached after a two-year investigation into the marketing and sales practices of an electronic cigarette manufacturer in the United States.

As part of a $438.5 million settlement between JUUL and 32 states and Puerto Rico, Kansas is expected to receive over $9.9 million. This money will be paid out over a period of six to ten years.

This settlement will require JUUL to comply with strict requirements that will limit their marketing and sales practices, including restrictions on where their products can be sold, displayed, and distributed.

The Office of the Attorney General announced that an investigation revealed JUUL intentionally participated in an advertising campaign aimed at attracting young people, which is illegal for use by minors.

JUUL is targeting young people through press conferences, trendy models, social media posts, and free samples. The company is also manipulating the chemical composition of its product to make the vapor less harsh on the throats of young and inexperienced users.

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