Kersen Technology: Vietnamese Factory to Start Trial Production of HNB in May 2024

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Kersen Technology: Vietnamese Factory to Start Trial Production of HNB in May 2024
Kersen Technology releases 2023 annual report, highlighting new e-cigarette developments and future strategic layout in the industry.

On April 18th, Kersen Technology (603626) released its annual report for 2023, which highlighted the company's new initiatives and future strategic layout in the e-cigarette sector.


Kersen Technology mentioned in the report that it provides research and development, manufacturing, and partial assembly services for precision metal and plastic components required for consumer electronics (including HNB e-cigarettes and VR devices), medical devices, automobiles (including new energy vehicles), and other terminal products for well-known domestic clients.


Kersen Technology stated that the Vietnam factory is a proactive effort by the company to tap into the long-term development trend of the industry. The Vietnam factory is expected to commence trial production in May 2024, with the first production project being HNBe-cigarette products.


According to reports, Kunshan Kersen Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and servicing of precision structural components. The company provides precision metal and plastic structural components, as well as some assembly services, for consumer electronics, medical devices, new energy vehicles, e-cigarettes, and photovoltaic power generation products.


On March 31, 2023, Kersen Technology announced that it will invest $43 million to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam. The actual investment amount will be subject to approval from Chinese and local regulatory authorities. The company plans to build its production base in Vietnam in phases based on market demand and business progress.


The company has stated that since 2018, they have been continuously providing components for HNB e-cigarette devices to international major clients. The company's focus on HNB products remains strong, and their strategy with major clients remains unchanged.


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