KT&G Company's Kazakhstan Factory: A Step Towards Global Excellence

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KT&G Company's Kazakhstan Factory: A Step Towards Global Excellence
KT&G held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory in Kazakhstan, aiming to become a global top brand.

According to South Korean media outlet Mbnmoney, KT&G Corporation has held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new factory in Kazakhstan, with the aim of achieving its long-term vision of becoming a global top-tier brand and establishing a production innovation base in the Eurasian region. The ceremony was attended by more than 70 key individuals, including KT&G Corporation's CEO, Baek Bok-in, the governor of Almaty Region in Kazakhstan, Maraat Ilosevich Jovitch, and the South Korean consul general in Almaty, Park Nae-tae.


KT&G's newly established factory in Kazakhstan is set to boost the overseas sales of NGP (Next Generation Products) and CC (Cigarette) in the Eurasian region, including Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The factory spans a total area of approximately 200,000 square meters.


KT&G Corporation has chosen Kazakhstan as the cornerstone for its growth in the Eurasian market in order to enhance its global export competitiveness. Since its establishment in Kazakhstan in January 2023, the company has been preparing to expand its business locally and plans to improve its global business capabilities and profitability through the establishment of a fully integrated management system from production to marketing and sales.


Previously, KT&G held an agreement ceremony with the Indonesian Investment Ministry and received an investment application for the construction of a new factory (export base) in East Java Province, Indonesia. Following the announcement of the Indonesian new factory as the Southeast Asian production base, KT&G plans to utilize the new factory in Kazakhstan as the center for business growth in the Eurasian continent, with a focus on realizing its future vision.


Bai Furen stated that the new factory in Kazakhstan will serve as a global core production center, covering the Eurasian market. It is expected to act as a frontier base in achieving the group's future vision of becoming a top global enterprise.


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