Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta

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Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta
The IECIE Vape Show Jakarta was held from August 3rd to 5th in Jakarta, Indonesia, showcasing innovative e-cigarette products.

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The IECIE Vape Show Jakarta, an e-cigarette exhibition in Indonesia, took place from August 3rd to 5th in Jakarta. As the official media partner of this event, 2FIRSTS delved into the scene, focusing on key exhibiting companies, conducting in-depth interviews, and promptly reporting firsthand market information obtained at the exhibition.


On the first day of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS took stock and highlighted innovative e-cigarette products showcased at the exhibition, showcasing the latest trends and technological developments in the Indonesian e-cigarette industry.


New Comer SONG Brings Open-system Vapes and Pods with Universal Compatibility

SONG, a brand of e-cigarette under the company Xiaosong Corporation, has recently launched a new open system product. The distinctive feature of this product lies in its interchangeable pod, which can be used with both open-system and cartridge-based devices, allowing users to choose the same pod for both types of devices.


Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta
SONG's pods of universal compatibility | 2FIRSTS


Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta
SONG's booth | 2FIRSTS

The product's design breaks through the barriers of proprietary pods that require cartridge reloading, offering more choice to users who prefer open systems.


Freeton introduces disposable oil-refillable e-cigarette 

Freeton has launched a new product in the market, a disposable oil-refillable e-cigarette. This innovative product combines the portability and user-friendly features of disposable e-cigarettes with a unique oil-refillable design. Users can conveniently refill the device with e-liquid without the need to replace cartridges, although it can only be used up to 5 times.


Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta
Freeton's refillable disposable | 2FIRSTS


This design stands out for its ability to combine the convenience of a disposable e-cigarette with the refillable capability of an open system. Users no longer need to worry about the limited usage of disposable e-cigarettes, as they can refill the same device multiple times. This not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact.


Latest Trends and Innovations at IECIE Vape Show Jakarta
Freeton's Booth | 2FIRSTS


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