Lithuanian Vape Association Calls for Stronger Illegal Market Control

Lithuanian Vape Association Calls for Stronger Illegal Market Control
Lithuania's Vape Association pushes for emphasis on controlling the illegal market of vape products.

The Lithuanian Electronic Cigarette Association voiced its concern on May 9, emphasizing that legally operating businesses are adhering to the prohibition of selling e-cigarettes to minors. 


The association urged authorities to focus on controlling the illegal market where minors buy prohibited items. It pointed out that all e-cigarettes and their accessories currently sold are legally imported and have passed safety and reliability checks by Lithuanian and EU institutions, offering buyers confidence in their purchases. 


If legal businesses are banned, e-cigarette users would be forced to resort to illegal methods, further expanding the illegal market. The association called for a long-term and systematic solution, requiring cross-industry and inter-department action, to reduce illegal trade, ensure access to safe products, and prevent minors from purchasing prohibited goods.


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