Massive Drug Bust in Mizoram State: Over 1.2 Billion Rupees Seized

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Massive Drug Bust in Mizoram State: Over 1.2 Billion Rupees Seized
Assam Rifles and Mizoram's anti-drug department seize drugs worth 1.212 billion rupees and arrests two smugglers.

According to a report from SocialNews on October 14th, the Assam Rifles and the Prohibition and Narcotics Department of Mizoram state in India conducted a joint operation on Saturday, seizing drugs worth 1.212 billion rupees and arresting two drug traffickers in the run-up to the upcoming elections in Mizoram.


The Assam Infantry Division has reported that they, along with officials from the Prohibition and Narcotics Department, apprehended two smugglers in the Zotech area of Chongfi. They recovered a total of 40,400 highly addictive Methamphetamine tablets from them.


The drugs, which were smuggled, originated from neighboring country Myanmar and have now been handed over to the narcotics department. The Assam Rifles has officially declared that drug smuggling activities pose a significant threat to Mizoram state and India.


Besides various prohibited items such as foreign cigarettes, gold, weapons and ammunition, exotic animals, and betel nuts, the unfenced border areas between Tripura in Northeast India and Bangladesh, as well as between Mizoram and Manipur, have turned into easily penetrable channels for drug smuggling.


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