New Channel for Exporting Dongguan E-Cigarettes with 8 Batches Sent

New Channel for Exporting Dongguan E-Cigarettes with 8 Batches Sent
Dongguan's e-cigarette industry gains a new export channel with the opening of the "Dongguan-Hong Kong International Airport Center". (19 words)

According to a report from Southern Plus on August 5th, batches of e-cigarettes are going through a streamlined process at the "Dongguan-Hong Kong International Airport Center" (referred to as the "Airport Center"). This process involves completing customs clearance, security checks, and boarding procedures all in one place. The e-cigarettes are then transported via the Bay Area Express by sea to the Hong Kong airport terminal, where they are loaded onto airplanes and shipped worldwide.

Dongguan Port International Air Transport (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Port Group, has become the first registered operator in Hong Kong for the e-cigarette transit monitoring program by the Hong Kong Customs. As of now, the company has successfully completed 8 shipments of e-cigarettes through air transportation, with a total value exceeding 20 million yuan.

It is understood that Dongguan has a strong foundation in the e-cigarette industry. Currently, there are a total of 109 licensed e-cigarette enterprises in Dongguan, with the industry scale reaching nearly 30 billion yuan. In June of this year, the Hong Kong Legislative Council revised the Import and Export Ordinance, which came into effect on June 30th, and included alternative smoking products transported through Hong Kong Airport by sea and air in the exemption category. This means that mainland e-cigarette products can now be exported to various countries around the world through the air-sea intermodal transportation via the Hong Kong Airport, bringing new development opportunities for Dongguan's e-cigarette export business.

To ensure a smooth operation of business at the Airfreight Centre upon the Legislative Council's approval, the Port Authority Group has conducted preliminary research on the e-cigarette industry. They have engaged in extensive discussions with the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Huangpu Customs, and Dongguan Maritime Bureau to address the specifics of the business. Furthermore, they have actively collaborated with freight forwarders, factories, and organized promotional events for the e-cigarette industry. On July 13th, the first batch of e-cigarette products were transported via the Airfreight Centre to Hong Kong International Airport for export to the United States, marking the official launch of the e-cigarette air freight export business at the Airfreight Centre.

The Port Authority Group has announced its commitment to further support the development of e-cigarette companies in Dongguan. They aim to provide enhanced services to these companies and offer flexible, efficient, and cost-effective air freight export channels for e-cigarette products manufactured in Dongguan.


Dongguan e-cigarette exports have found a new channel with 8 shipments already exported.

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