New Zealand Regulates E-Cigarettes: 8000 Products Reviewed

New Zealand Regulates E-Cigarettes: 8000 Products Reviewed
New Zealand authorities have reviewed over 8000 products and found illegal substances in some e-cigarettes, leading to withdrawals of 340 products.

The New Zealand regulatory authority has reviewed over 8000 products that have been notified to its register.

Matthew Burgess, a regulatory agency manager, stated that while no issues were found for most of the reviewed products, there were instances where the information provided by manufacturers or importers indicated that they may contain prohibited ingredients or have nicotine salt levels exceeding legal limits.

After a review, the company has withdrawn notifications for 340 electronic cigarette products, meaning they can no longer be legally sold in New Zealand. We will soon publish a list of products that will no longer be notified on the Ministry of Health's website.

As many as 1,800 electronic cigarette products may still be removed from the market. Authorities are working with the companies that manufacture or sell them and have requested more information by next week.

We have initiated an investigation into the illegal sale of e-cigarettes to underage customers and have discovered a mysterious 14-year-old customer who was unaware that he could purchase e-cigarettes at the counter.

Since then, there has been an ongoing investigation into confusing e-cigarette labels and the high nicotine concentrations found in some e-cigarettes. It appears that certain manufacturers and importers have been selling e-cigarettes with nicotine salts, which contain nicotine levels that exceed legal limits by up to 80%.

Supporters of high-intensity e-cigarettes believe that they provide a closer smoking experience, which they believe is crucial for helping smokers quit.

Advocates for stricter regulation say that the electronic cigarettes here are too potent and can be highly addictive, especially for young users who have not previously smoked.

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