Scientific Achievement from China Tobacco Hunan IC. Released at 2023 CORESTA

Innovation by China Tobacco Hunan IC.
Scientific Achievement from China Tobacco Hunan IC. Released at 2023 CORESTA
The joint meeting of CORESTA's Smoke Science and Product Technology groups took place in Cancun, Mexico from October 8 to 12, 2023.

From October 8th to 12th, the joint meeting of the Smoke Science Study Group and the Product Technology Study Group of CORESTA (International Cooperation Center for Tobacco Research) was held in Cancun, Mexico. During the meeting, the research achievement of China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd., "Numerical Simulation of Aerosol Evaporation Characteristics of Heated Tobacco Products," was released at the thematic conference on the assessment of aerosols from heated tobacco products.


The study has innovatively constructed a computer simulation model for the heat and mass transfer of heated cigarettes, revealing the evaporation phase transition process of binary mixtures in heated cigarettes and its main influencing factors. This provides new insights into the atomization mechanism of heated cigarettes and offers potential solutions to the issue of uneven gas release in heated cigarettes. The research findings have generated significant interest and sparked enthusiastic discussions among experts and scholars in the field of tobacco, both domestically and internationally.


According to reports, the CORESTA conference was divided into 11 main themes. A total of 45 research achievements were announced and 55 academic posters were displayed at the event. The delegation from China Tobacco Society presented 6 research achievements and 4 academic posters.


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