Ohio's Brook Park City Council Suspends Electronic Cigarette Shops

Ohio's Brook Park City Council Suspends Electronic Cigarette Shops
The Brook Park city council suspends licenses for e-cigarette stores and related institutions for 12 months for better regulations.

The Brook Park City Council in Ohio has temporarily suspended the issuance of any licenses to electronic cigarette shops and related entities for a period of 12 months. The decision was made to evaluate the current regulations, zoning, and commercial laws in Brook Park pertaining to electronic cigarettes.

Mayor Ed Orcutt proposed a resolution to suspend and pointed out the local governance authority pertaining to the "restricted business and trade zones" in the city.

The resolution states that "if suspended, the committee will be able to issue reasonable regulations that will more effectively protect the health, safety, welfare, peace, and comfort of Brook Park citizens.

Orcutt told the council: "This is just a 12-month moratorium." "I believe this will be ample time to review and study the ordinances of Brook Park so that we can properly zone these types of establishments.

MP Mencini stated that he does not oppose the businesses located in Brook Park.

Mencini stated, "I believe what we are seeing here is a continuation of progress by seeking out larger businesses to aid us, which will bring in some income." He additionally stated that he received feedback from residents regarding a nearby e-cigarette store located in "one of our main corners.

Welcome them to Brook Park, but I believe they should be designated to specific areas.

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