Passenger Faces Administrative Penalty for Using E-cigarette on Flight

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Passenger Faces Administrative Penalty for Using E-cigarette on Flight
A passenger on a flight from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad faces administrative punishment for using an e-cigarette onboard.

According to Russian media Newkaliningrad, on October 16th, a passenger on a plane flying from Saint Petersburg to Kaliningrad was faced with administrative penalties for using an e-cigarette.


A 40-year-old resident of St. Petersburg was detained by police at "Hrabrovo" airport after using an e-cigarette in the restroom during a flight. As a result of her actions, administrative fines have been imposed on her, in accordance with the provisions of the Russian Administrative Offenses Code, which prohibits smoking, consuming nicotine products, or using hookah in certain areas, premises, and facilities as per federal law. This violation carries a fine ranging from 500 to 1000 rubles.


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