Proposal to Regulate E-Cigarettes in Russia from 2025

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Proposal to Regulate E-Cigarettes in Russia from 2025
Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations proposes adding e-cigarettes only in designated "smoking areas" starting from March 1, 2025.

According to a report by the Russian Federation News Agency on October 11th, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (МЧС России) has proposed that from March 1, 2025, e-cigarettes should only be allowed in designated areas marked with "smoking zone" signs. The revised draft of the government resolution "On amending the Russian Federation Fire Safety Regulations" has been published on the Federal Legal Regulatory Portal website.


The department has proposed amending and revising Article 11 of the existing regulations which states: "Smoking and using nicotine-containing products in tobacco, warehouses, bases, bread purchasing points, grain areas, grasslands, medical facilities, educational establishments, transportation systems, trade facilities, collection areas, processing and storage areas for flammable and explosive liquids and gases, areas prone to explosions and fires, are strictly prohibited unless designated as smoking zones in accordance with Russian federal laws and regulations.


The use of e-cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products will be limited to designated smoking areas, which must be clearly labeled with "Smoking Area" signs. Additionally, it is necessary to display safety signs indicating "No Smoking and Open Flames" on personal facilities.


The document states that the resolution will come into effect on March 1, 2025.


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