Ploom X Introduces New podMobius Aroma Rich Regular

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Ploom X Introduces New podMobius Aroma Rich Regular
Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT) is set to release a new flavor, the podMobius Aroma Rich Regular, for its "Ploom X" tobacco device.

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According to a report by Japanese media outlet Kakaku, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has announced the launch of a new pod called Mobius Aroma Rich Regular for its heat-not-burn tobacco device "Ploom X".


This new product is presented in a regular flavor, with each box containing 20 tobacco sticks, and it is priced at ¥500 (approximately ¥25 Chinese yuan).


The new product will be released on September 19th through various channels, including the CLUB JT online store, Ploom exclusive stores throughout the country, Ploom display cabinets, convenience stores, and tobacco retailers.


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