White Mountaineering" Designer Collaborates with Japan Tobacco for Limited Ploom X Accessories.

White Mountaineering" Designer Collaborates with Japan Tobacco for Limited Ploom X Accessories.
Japanese tobacco and fashion brand White Mountaineering collaborate on limited edition Ploom X e-cigarette accessories.

Japanese tobacco company has partnered with fashion brand "White Mountaineering" to launch a limited edition accessory for its heated electronic cigarette "Ploom X". The design depicts the scenery of Japan's summer resort town, Karuizawa, and two special editions of Ploom X are available. Members can obtain them through a lottery or purchase them at one of five Ploom stores in Sapporo, Ginza, Shibuya, Nagoya, and Namba. From August 22nd to October 21st, the limited edition "Ploom X" also offers custom printing services.


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