Price for Ploom X device reduced by JT.

Price for Ploom X device reduced by JT.
Ploom X heating device price reduced from ¥3980 to ¥1980, with customizable heat settings and HEATFLOW technology. Transfer support discounts also available.

From November 28th, JT will lower the price of its Ploom X product, which heats tobacco without burning it, from 3,980 yen to 1,980 yen.

Apart from precise temperature control, the Ploom X also features the "HEATFLOW" heating technology, which focuses on airflow to enhance flavor transmission. Users have reportedly praised the device for its fashionable no-button design and the ability to smoke unlimited times in about five minutes.

Furthermore, the company has been offering a "transfer support discount" for the "Plume X" since September of last year.

Transfer of Support Discount" is a service that allows customers to purchase a new Ploom device at a discounted price by trading in their current Ploom device or other companies' heated tobacco devices.

With the price adjustment of "Plume X", the "transfer support discount applicable price" will also be adjusted from 1480 yen to 780 yen.


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