Plxsur Successfully Achieves $1 Billion Merger Revenue Target

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Plxsur Successfully Achieves $1 Billion Merger Revenue Target
Plxsur achieves $1 billion merger revenue goal, aiming for 20% market share in global e-cigarette industry within 5 years.

According to Plxsur news, the e-cigarette company Plxsur has successfully achieved its goal of one billion dollars in merger revenue. The founder and CEO of Plxsur, Nigel Hardy, stated that the company accomplished this goal by focusing on compliance, governance, and reporting, with responsibility at its core.


Hade explained, "We have sold our products to approximately 4 million consumers, with a retail sales value of $1.835 billion based on units sold. In addition, our three flagship brands, Salt, Allo, and Flavour Beast, are projected to exceed $400 million in retail sales by 2024."


According to Hade, the leadership of Plxsur believes that their partners collectively hold approximately 10% of the global $19.34 billion e-cigarette market. Hade stated that the company plans to capture 20% of the market share within the next five years. These companies include Hale Vaping from Ireland, UEG Holland from the Netherlands, DampShop from Belgium, Pro Vape from Latvia, Puff Store from Italy, Nobacco from Greece, Ritchy Group from the Czech Republic, Vape Empire from Malaysia, Pacific Smoke from Canada, and CK Complex from Poland.


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