PMI's Annual Profit Forecast Declines due to Lowered Heat Tobacco Shipments

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PMI's Annual Profit Forecast Declines due to Lowered Heat Tobacco Shipments
PMI's lower-than-expected shipments of heated tobacco products dampen profit forecasts and overshadow Q3 performance, according to French media Boursorama.

According to a report from Boursorama, a French media outlet, Philip Morris International (PMI) is expecting lower than anticipated shipments of its heated tobacco products this year. This has led to disappointment in the company's upward profit forecast for the year and its underperformance in the third quarter, which exceeded expectations.

Despite playing a significant role in the global tobacco industry, PMI is currently seeking alternatives to tobacco due to the increasing stringency of tobacco regulations and decreasing demands in certain markets. PMI's heated tobacco product, IQOS, has been the company's flagship product in its transition towards tobacco alternatives. Since 2008, PMI has announced investments of over $10 billion in heated tobacco products.

Philip Morris International (PMI) announced that due to delays in its product launch in the Taiwanese market and limited growth in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, as well as uncertainty surrounding the new regulations on heated tobacco products in Europe and its impact on inventory levels, its annual shipment volume of heated tobacco products will be lower than initially projected. This contradicts the optimistic outlook on heated tobacco products that was presented by the company during its investor day in September, shifting the focus away from profit growth.

PMI has announced that its adjusted earnings per share for the third quarter were $1.67. According to data provided by LSEG, analysts had an average expectation of earnings per share of $1.61. However, due to increased cigarette prices, demand for heated tobacco products, and the rapid growth of their nicotine pouch brand Zyn, the company has raised its full-year profit forecast and has exceeded expectations in the third quarter.

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