Police Seize Illegal THC Products in Connecticut E-Cigarette Shop

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Police Seize Illegal THC Products in Connecticut E-Cigarette Shop
Norwalk, Connecticut police seized hundreds of e-cigarette products with illegal THC levels in a recent search.

According to a report by Patch media, the police in Norwalk, Connecticut conducted a search on an e-cigarette store and discovered hundreds of products containing illegal THC levels, along with other items.


Expert Ryan Evarts stated that a search and seizure order was executed by the police department's specialized services division and the state's consumer protection drug control department on Connecticut Avenue. Evarts claimed that serving this warrant is part of an ongoing investigation into the unlicensed sale of marijuana at smoke and e-cigarette shops.


During the search, the police confiscated several items based on Iwaz's statement, including hundreds of types of e-cigarette liquids containing illegal levels of THC. Additionally, they seized over 1 kilogram (2.28 pounds) of marijuana stored in large refrigerator bags, plastic containers, plastic bottles, and packaging with misleading labels. Approximately $1,500 in cash was also discovered.


In addition, Odette Rosario, a resident of Novak City, has been charged with the possession of marijuana (over 1 kilogram) with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer in the performance of their duty. Rosario has promised to appear in court later this month and will be released thereafter.


Police Chief James Walsh stated:


The Novak Police Department is still committed to investigating the ongoing illegal sale of marijuana products in retail tobacco stores. The illicit sale of marijuana in these tobacco and small retail stores poses a significant threat to public safety. I want to express my gratitude for the dedication and perseverance of the investigators in the Special Services Department.


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