Portugal Delays Ban on Flavored Heated Tobacco Products

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Portugal Delays Ban on Flavored Heated Tobacco Products
The ban on flavored heated tobacco products in Portugal has been delayed until 2024, despite EU regulations and government proposals.

According to The Portugal News, despite the EU Tobacco Directive and the proposed legislation by the Portuguese government, which stipulate that heated tobacco products with flavors such as menthol should be banned by October 23rd this year, this restriction will be delayed in Portugal until 2024.


Despite the government's proposal receiving cabinet approval in May this year, it was not until September 29th that it was passed by Parliament with the votes of the Socialist Party, while opposition members voted against and 14 ruling party members abstained. The proposal still needs to undergo a final vote by the entire assembly.


This bill amends the 2007 Tobacco Law, equating heated tobacco products with traditional tobacco and prohibiting the sale of various cigarette brands in places where smoking is already banned, such as gas stations, cafes, or restaurants. Convenience stores will be the only exception, allowing them to continue selling tobacco products.


Due to the ongoing legislative process in Congress, it is anticipated that the ban on flavored heated tobacco will not come into effect until 2024, despite the deadline set by the bill being October 23, 2023.


In addition, according to current laws, Portugal has already banned the sale of various flavors of traditional cigarettes. On May 20th, 2020, due to the conversion of community orders, Portugal prohibited the sale of traditional menthol tobacco products.


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