Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends

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Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
TPE24, the largest tobacco exhibition in the Americas, will open on January 31 in Las Vegas. 2FIRSTS made predictions on highlights.

On January 31st, the Total Product Expo (TPE24) tobacco exhibition will kick off in Las Vegas, Nevada. This three-day event is renowned as the largest tobacco expo in the United States and the entire American region. With its 23 previous successful editions, the TPE exhibition plays a pivotal role in the international and American product sales domain. It serves as a vital barometer of the latest trends in the North American tobacco industry.


According to official figures, it is projected that almost 700 companies will participate in the upcoming exhibition. According to 2FIRSTS, a total of over 200 businesses are related to the vape industry, with more than 100 being e-cigarette manufacturers and over 30 being e-cigarette distributors.


Based on a thorough understanding of the new product releases and updates from participating e-cigarette brands, 2FIRSTS has made early predictions about some potential highlights and notable aspects that may be seen at the TPE24 tobacco exhibition. This is to help readers gain an understanding of the upcoming content before the exhibition takes place.


The following are 2FIRSTS' predictions on the highlights of the exhibition, for reference purposes only. We welcome discussions.


Prediction 1: Screened and touch-screen e-cigarettes may lead the way in innovation.


Funky Republic, a brand under Lost Mary, has recently launched an e-cigarette model called Ti7000 with a built-in screen display, sparking a trend in screen-display e-cigarettes. Following this, GEEK BAR PULSE introduced a side-screen e-cigarette, further driving the popularity of this trend and prompting other companies to follow suit. At the TPE2024 exhibition, it is anticipated that screen-display e-cigarettes will become the mainstream trend.


In addition, e-cigarette brand RabBeats has revealed to 2FIRSTS that they plan to showcase a disposable e-cigarette product with touchscreen capabilities at TPE24. According to 2FIRSTS' sources, there are also other exhibitors who will be presenting e-cigarette products that incorporate touchscreen technology. It is anticipated that touchscreen e-cigarettes will become one of the most eye-catching new products at TPE24.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
RabBeats RC10000 | Image source: TPE official social media


Prediction 2: Dual-coil technology to be widely utilized. 


In addition to large-screen e-cigarettes, GEEK BAR PULSE has also led the trend of "dual-heating coil" technology. This technology allows e-cigarettes to switch flexibly between "single coil" and "dual coil", with more than 15,000 puffs, which is greatly loved by consumers and has become a "must-have technology" for many brand new products.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
GEEK BAR PULSE | Image Source: GEEK BAR official website


Prediction 3: Upgrade of the "puff" competition, possible showcase of 25,000-puff vape.


According to industry insiders, there are exhibitors planning to bring e-cigarette products with a capacity of 25,000 puffs to TPE2024. Over the past year, the number of e-cigarette puffs in the US market has rapidly increased from the usual 3,000 puffs to 8,000 puffs, especially since the widespread adoption of "dual-heating wire technology," making 10,000 puffs e-cigarettes a common product. With the upcoming launch of e-cigarettes with a capacity of 25,000 puffs, competition in terms of puff capacity will be further intensified.


Prediction 4: Transparent-tank products may be a breakthrough


With the continuous improvement of atomization technology, the issue of oil leakage has been effectively resolved to some extent. Some manufacturers have taken the lead in launching pure oil (transparent e-liquid tank) products. Industry insiders believe that these pure oil products, with their unique advantages, will gain prominence in the e-cigarette market. It is possible that some exhibitors at TPE24, a major exhibition showcasing the latest technological trends in e-cigarettes, will showcase these products.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
Transparent e-liquid tank product ATLANTIS 8000 | Image source: distributor platform


Prediction 5: Will FDA enforcement be present at the exhibition? 


From the exhibitor list, it can be seen that the FDA Center for Tobacco Products will participate in the TPE24 tobacco exhibition. Based on past experience, regulatory agencies from countries such as Italy, Germany, and Indonesia have participated in e-cigarette exhibitions. These regulatory agencies usually have two ways of participation. One is similar to FDA's participation in TPE24, where they set up booths to observe market trends up close and conduct regulatory promotion activities. The other way is without setting up a booth, but they will enter the exhibition to conduct inspections. In such cases, on-site enforcement is usually carried out to crackdown on illegal e-cigarettes and related products.


The specific purpose of FDA's participation in the exhibition is currently uncertain. 2FIRSTS will closely monitor the event onsite and promptly report relevant information to its readers.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
FDA booth location | Image source: TPE official website


Prediction 6: Increasing marketing methods including brand collaborations and IP partnerships


In the past year, there have been numerous collaborative e-cigarette brands appearing at well-known exhibitions, partnering with famous car manufacturers, rap artists, and other IPs. Furthermore, some exhibitors at this exhibition have revealed to 2FIRSTS that they are currently preparing to collaborate with luxury fashion brands in order to launch new products. This indicates that cross-industry collaborations are not uncommon in the e-cigarette industry. Thus, at the upcoming TPE2024 exhibition, which will gather a multitude of renowned e-cigarette brands, we may witness a grand collaborative event, incorporating various trendy elements from multiple fields, aiming to provide exhibitors and audience members with a more diverse and innovative experience.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends
At InterTabac, Germany, the Polish brand Aroma King is promoting itself by leveraging the momentum of the Bugatti Veyron, a luxury car. | Image source: 2FIRSTS


Prediction 7: More diversified smokeless products to be showcased


In 2023, the market has seen the emergence of various innovative nicotine products, such as multiple disposable e-cigarette brands venturing into the nicotine pouch business, and European companies launching nicotine candies. This indicates that brands are beginning to adopt a multi-category strategy in the field of new nicotine products. As the largest tobacco expo in North America, TPE2024 is expected to become a stage for the collision of various nicotine products, bringing more innovation and diversification to the industry.


Prediction 8: Several renowned European brands will participate, initiating exploration of the American market 


Several well-known European disposable e-cigarette brands, such as SKE, ELUX, and GOLDBAR, were among the exhibitors at TPE24. These brands have a strong reputation in the European market, and their participation in the American exhibition may indicate their efforts to expand further into the American market.


Prediction 9: New products and new technology launches


Exhibitions have always been a platform for brands and manufacturers to showcase new products and technologies. In this exhibition, which brings together more than 200 e-cigarette related companies, we can expect to witness a series of intense and exciting new product launches. These innovations will drive the development of e-cigarette businesses and inject more diversity and novel experiences into the entire industry.


Currently, the 2FIRSTS team from the United States has been conducting offline visits in the American market. During the operation, 2FIRSTS will delve into the exhibition site, gather first-hand information from the exhibition, and provide in-depth coverage for readers.


After the end of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS will be hosting a deep sharing event on TPE and the American market on February 6th. During this event, 2FIRSTS' Global Executive Editor-in-Chief, Yuna Hou, and the American team will share the latest discoveries from the exhibition and delve into topics such as product trends and policy direction in the United States. For more information and registration, please scan the QR code below to contact 2FIRSTS staff members.


Predicted Highlights for TPE24: Product, Brand, Marketing Trends





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