Russia Blocks 180 Websites for Selling E-Cigarettes to Minors

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Russia Blocks 180 Websites for Selling E-Cigarettes to Minors
Russia has blocked 180 websites selling e-cigarettes to minors, following a request from the youth policy chairman.

According to a report from Russian media outlet on September 16th, Artem Metalev, the Chair of the Youth Policy Committee in the Russian State Duma, announced that Russia has blocked 180 websites that illegally sell e-cigarettes to minors.


According to previous reports, Metalev submitted requests in July to the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Russian Federal Supervision Agency for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being, urging them to block more than 250 websites. These websites were accused of illegally selling e-cigarettes to children.


According to Meitalev, the head prosecutor, the Prosecutor's Office has successfully blocked 180 websites in response to this request. As a result, 149 entities involved have been held accountable and collectively paid approximately 7 million rubles in fines, equivalent to approximately 530,000 yuan.


He stated that he is awaiting the government's "principled decision" on the ban on flavor additives in e-cigarettes.


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