Russia Submits Law on Unauthorized Tobacco Production and Sales

Russia Submits Law on Unauthorized Tobacco Production and Sales
Russia introduces fines and imprisonment for unauthorized tobacco production, supply and purchase, with maximum penalty of 100,000 rubles or 3 years in prison.

On March 9th, the Russian Federal Government submitted a bill to the State Duma regarding administrative and criminal liability. The bill stipulates that unauthorized purchase, production, or supply of tobacco and nicotine-containing products will be subject to a maximum fine of 1 million rubles or a maximum of three years imprisonment. Corresponding documents for obtaining a permit can be found in the Duma database.

As stated by the government, the modifications made to these documents are related to preparations for the industry regulations outlined in "Regulations on the Administration of Production and Sale of Tobacco Products, Tobacco Products Containing Nicotine, and Their Raw Materials".

Therefore, in Russia, without obtaining appropriate licenses, the production, procurement, supply (including import and export) and storage of tobacco products, nicotine-containing products and their raw materials will be subject to fines ranging from 500,000 to 1 million rubles, compulsory labor for up to three years, or imprisonment for the same period, with a ban on certain positions or activities for three years.


A bill proposing penalties for manufacturing tobacco without a license has been introduced in the State Duma.

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