Patent Infringement of Locking-type E-cigarette Accessories

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Patent Infringement of Locking-type E-cigarette Accessories
Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development issued a statement claiming patent infringement regarding its "lockdown patent" for e-cigarettes.

On September 25th, Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Buddy") released a statement on its official website regarding a patent infringement issue concerning their product "a plug-and-play locking e-cigarette mouthpiece and e-cigarette vaporizer" in both the United States and China (referred to as the "locking patent"). The locking patent holds patent numbers US9999254 B2 and CN206119181U respectively.

Patent Infringement of Locking-type E-cigarette Accessories
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Buddy stated in a statement that the lock-up patent has now been granted for use by GREEN THEMIS LLC (hereinafter referred to as "GT"). Buddy and GT jointly possess the rights to implement and protect this patent. Apart from Buddy and GT, any organization or individual manufacturing, using, selling, or promising to sell products obtained directly through Buddy's lock-up patent without authorization, will constitute an infringement of Buddy's patent rights. Bodi will take strict measures in accordance with the law to combat such infringement and defend its legitimate interests.

Patent Infringement of Locking-type E-cigarette Accessories
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Buddy has announced that it has filed a request to address a patent infringement dispute against a company allegedly violating Buddy's lock patent. The request was made to Baoyuan Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration. Baoyuan Supervision Bureau has registered the case and initiated an investigation and crackdown operation, resulting in the legal sealing of the company's e-cigarette atomizer products, contracts, sales documents, etc. Additionally, interrogation records regarding the case were prepared.


Buddy's patent application for the lock mechanism was submitted to the National Intellectual Property Office on October 17, 2016, and officially granted on April 26, 2017, with patent number CN206119181U. Buddy asserts that this patent is still valid.


According to reports, Buddy is a company that specializes in the research, development, production, sales, and professional services of e-cigarette products. Their products have obtained various international authoritative certifications, including CE, ROHS, SGS, and more.


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