WHO: Strengthening E-Cig Enforcement and Monitoring in Thailand to Prevent Addiction Tragedies

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WHO: Strengthening E-Cig Enforcement and Monitoring in Thailand to Prevent Addiction Tragedies
World Health Organization (WHO) warns Thailand to strengthen e-cigarette law enforcement and monitoring system to prevent addiction tragedy.

According to a report by The Star on December 19th, Dr. Jos Vandelaer, representing the World Health Organization (WHO) in Thailand, has issued a warning calling for stronger enforcement of e-cigarette laws and a monitoring system in Thailand, in order to prevent a potential tragic epidemic of large-scale addiction in the future.


This warning comes days after the World Health Organization issued an official statement urging governments worldwide to take measures to prevent the use of e-cigarettes, claiming that the product's harm far outweighs its claimed benefits.


During a forum organized by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Vanderle praised Thailand's decision to ban the use of e-cigarettes within the country.


However, due to the widespread popularity of e-cigarettes in Thailand, particularly among young people, he believes that Thailand must better enforce laws and regulations, which would mean ensuring that e-cigarettes are not used, sold, or imported into the country.


In addition to concrete enforcement actions, he stressed that the Thai government must improve its surveillance system, not only monitoring the channels through which e-cigarettes enter the country, but also keeping tabs on users and understanding the reasons behind their usage of this product.


He explained that closely monitoring the e-cigarette market helps gather and update useful information on how to regulate the market, so that the government can implement additional measures such as banning advertisements, digital marketing, or funding to make the ban truly effective.


Vanderlael continues to lend full support to the anti-smoking and health foundation, as well as the public sector and affiliated organizations' efforts to enhance awareness of the harm caused by e-cigarettes.


However, some political parties in Thailand are now proposing the abolition of the e-cigarette law. Dr. Prakit Vatsattagit, Chairman of the Anti-Smoking and Health Foundation, stated that despite Thailand's ban on e-cigarettes, the e-cigarette market is rapidly expanding.


Furthermore, he emphasized that if Thailand were to opt to become one of the nations involved in the commercialization of e-cigarette products (sales, imports, distribution, and production), it would be imperative for them to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization.


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