Texas Bill Proposes Ban on Tobacco & Vaping at Universities

Texas Bill Proposes Ban on Tobacco & Vaping at Universities
Texas proposes to ban tobacco and e-cigarette use in all colleges and universities by August 2024.

On April 11, according to the news website halfwheel, Texas State Representative Suleman Lalani proposed a bill (HB 3124) requiring each higher education institution to take action to ban tobacco products and electronic cigarette use by August 1, 2024.

Proposed smoking ban in higher education institutions.

Suleman Lalani | Image source: Twitter

Suleman Lalani, a Texas state representative, has proposed a bill that, if passed by the legislature, would prohibit the use of tobacco and electronic cigarette products at all Texas universities.

According to reports, the bill was discussed in a public hearing by the Higher Education Committee of the Texas House of Representatives on April 10. However, the bill currently lacks any additional sponsors.

It has been reported that the five largest universities in Texas all have a campus-wide smoking ban. However, Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Arlington have stricter regulations compared to the other universities.

The seasoning ban bill is on its way.

The image source for Carol Alvarado, also known as Representative Carol Alvarado, is the official website of the Texas House of Representatives.

Recently, Senator Carol Alvarado of Houston, Texas proposed S.B. 920, a bill aimed at prohibiting the sale of flavored tobacco and flavored electronic cigarette products in the state.

According to the bill, if a product has a "discernible taste or smell other than tobacco flavor or scent," it will be defined as a seasoning product.

Like most tobacco prohibition laws, S.B. 920 will not impose fines on individuals who purchase, possess, or use these products, but instead will make it illegal to provide these products to others.

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Texas proposes a bill to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes.


A proposed bill in Texas aims to prohibit smoking and the use of vaping products in all colleges and universities throughout the state.

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