Texas School District Cracks Down on Electronic Cigarettes

Texas School District Cracks Down on Electronic Cigarettes
Tyler ISD in Texas enforces zero-tolerance policy on e-cigarettes, installing detectors and threatening serious consequences for violations.

In Texas, officials from the Tyler Independent School District (TISD) have outlined their efforts to combat the use of e-cigarettes and the consequences that students may face if caught violating school policy. These consequences include potential felony charges.

Some Tyler ISD employees are allowed to carry firearms through a guardianship program. Tyler ISD Police Chief Danny Brown stated that, "If you are caught vaping, you will be sent to an alternative school with no warning or second chances.

Marty Crawford, head of Tyler Independent School District, has stated that the issue of electronic cigarettes is becoming increasingly serious, not only in East Texas but nationwide as well.

Crawford stated, "It's undoubtedly caused a series of problems in our school." In order to prevent students from vaping on school premises, the district has announced that they will be installing e-cigarette detectors in the bathrooms of their high schools and middle schools.

Crawford stated, "We are back to that tipping point, just like we were in the 80s discussing the dangers of smoking." So far, there are over 70 detectors installed in the bathrooms of all four high schools.

This technology is very cool," said Crawford. "It's kind of like our other devices around here, you know, there are over 2,000 cameras in the area, so we can ensure the safety of the campus." The device works by detecting chemicals in the thin electronic cigarette smoke and sending a silent notification to the administrative department.

Officials stated that upon receiving the notification, they will examine the cameras outside the bathroom to determine who was the last person to enter and speak with the identified student.

Crawford stated, "The activities that you engage in outside of school are not appropriate for the school setting. Meanwhile, we want to convey a message to children that we care about their health and that these activities are not healthy for them." The local goal is to put a stop to the problem before it spirals out of control and parents are also urged to provide assistance.

Brown advised, "Start checking your child's backpack, ensure they are not carrying one, and make sure their classmates are aware that there will be other consequences this year.

The district announced that they will now be implementing a zero tolerance policy. Crawford stated, "We've actually adjusted our student code of conduct at this point." "You know, we've also had committees study this issue and they all agree that this is something we take very seriously." The district stated that students caught using e-cigarette products on school grounds will receive a citation and face fines up to $100.

According to officials, if the electronic cigarette contains any THC oil, the student may be arrested on felony charges. Tampering with monitoring equipment would also trigger warnings as they can detect sound and sense if something has been sprayed nearby to conceal vaping.


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