Rising Concern of Female Smoking in Kazakhstan

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Rising Concern of Female Smoking in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan discusses e-cigarette ban as its health ministry warns of potential health threats posed by the chemical-filled vapor.

According to Tengrinews.kz, Kazakhstan is currently discussing a ban on e-cigarettes due to the presence of numerous chemicals in their smoke, the impact of which has not yet been fully researched.


Minister of Health, Azhar Giniyat, addressed this issue in an interview during a parliamentary recess. He highlighted that smoking has become a concerning societal issue in Kazakhstan, with a noticeable increase in the number of women engaging in this habit.


Ginnyat pointed out that the proportion of female smokers is significantly higher than that of males, a phenomenon that raises his concern. He stated, "We are not only witnessing male smoking, but also a growing number of female smokers. Whether in urban or rural areas, women smoking can be seen everywhere.


The rising trend of women smoking has raised concerns among public health experts, who believe that the increased smoking rates among women may be linked to the widespread promotion of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are often advertised as a relatively safer alternative, but some studies suggest that they may also pose potential health risks.


Despite e-cigarettes not being fully banned, the Kazakhstani government has implemented a series of measures to restrict the advertising and sale of e-cigarettes, particularly when targeting young people. Health Minister Jiniat has stated that the Kazakhstani government will continue to monitor this issue to ensure the health and well-being of its citizens.


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