The Truth About Nicotine and Vaping: INNCO's Perspective

The Truth About Nicotine and Vaping: INNCO's Perspective
Misinformation hinders progress on ending smoking. Nicotine is not the problem, it's the smoke. Safe alternatives for smokers exist.

For many years, nicotine has been demonized by anti-smoking "experts" to discourage smoking. INNCO argues that while quitting smoking should be a shared goal, it is unethical to distort the truth in order to achieve it.

To make matters worse, this practice continues, effectively sentencing smokers to an unnecessary death without providing them an escape route.

Nicotine itself does not cause cancer, cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases. The harm comes from the smoke produced by burning cigarettes. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the use of safer nicotine substitutes to replace toxic tobacco products and save the lives of smokers. Failing to do so is tantamount to involuntary manslaughter.

Several months ago, Dr. Sara Kayat appeared on ITV's "This Morning" show alongside hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary to issue unverified warnings about nicotine electronic cigarettes (commonly known as "e-cigarettes"). Dr. Kayat stated, "There are many other issues starting to surface...the most concerning is lung damage. There's a condition called popcorn lung. This is an inflammatory lung disease that may occur from using e-cigarettes.

The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (INNCO) stated that there is no evidence to support the claim made and presenting such misinformation can have an adverse effect on efforts to quit smoking. When healthcare professionals make assumptions based on incomplete investigations and present them as facts, it creates fear and unnecessary concern, ultimately preventing people from making informed decisions about their health and well-being. Preventing smokers from switching to safer alternatives such as nicotine e-cigarettes is akin to causing a public health tragedy.

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