TPE 2021: America's Biggest Tobacco Exhibition Opened in Vegas

TPE 2021: America's Biggest Tobacco Exhibition Opened in Vegas
The largest tobacco expo, TPE, opened in Las Vegas with 509 exhibitors including 85 e-cigarette brands and 30 distributors.

The largest tobacco expo in the United States, TPE, officially opened in Las Vegas at noon on February 22nd (4am Beijing time on February 23rd). The 3-day event has attracted 509 vendors, including 30 dealers in the electronic cigarette industry and 85 electronic cigarette brand manufacturers.

Entrance to the TPE exhibition | Image source: 2FIRSTS

At the TPE trade show site | Image source: 2FIRSTS

At the exhibition venue, numerous merchants gathered and showcased a wide range of electronic cigarette products at various booths. There were diverse forms of interaction and engagement between exhibitors and visitors.

Entrance of TPE Exhibition | Image source: 2FIRSTS

Ticket Checkpoint at TPE Exhibition|Image Source: 2FIRSTS

At 3:30pm Pacific Time, Smore held a ceremony to release their new technology at the exhibition site. Later, 2FIRSTS will report on this separately.

Symore's New Technology Launch Ceremony | Image Source: 2FIRSTS

思摩尔展位(1214)现场" translates to "Scene at the Simore Booth (1214): Image Source 2FIRSTS

At the ELFBAR booth (2213), as seen in the photo source provided by 2FIRSTS.

Source: 2FIRSTS // Onsite at booth 3211 of Xin Yikang

The staff of 2FIRSTS Washington News Center are conducting interviews with exhibitors, distributors, channel partners, and brands at the event, gathering data firsthand and striving to present the state of the US electronic cigarette market through the exhibition.

On February 24th at 8am Beijing time, 2FIRSTS will also livestream the exhibition in real-time. Stay tuned for further details.

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