UK: Urgent Call to Properly Handle Disposable

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UK: Urgent Call to Properly Handle Disposable
UK MP Sheryll Murray urges people to stop indiscriminately discarding disposable e-cigarettes after the government plans to ban youth use, citing environmental concerns.

According to reports, Sheryll Murray, a Member of Parliament in Cornwall, UK, is urging people to stop indiscriminately discarding disposable e-cigarettes following the government's plans to ban their use by minors. In an exclusive interview, Murray stressed the importance of properly disposing of these e-cigarettes to avoid any negative environmental impact. This call comes from Murray's own successful experience of quitting smoking, using a reusable e-cigarette instead of a disposable one.


According to recent data released by Material Focus, approximately five million e-cigarettes are being discarded in the UK every week. This number represents a significant increase from the previous 1.3 million and many of these e-cigarettes are not being properly recycled. Member of Parliament, Cheryl Murray, emphasizes that the irresponsible disposal of e-cigarettes is just as unacceptable as throwing away traditional cigarettes, especially considering that disposable e-cigarettes are made of non-biodegradable plastics.


According to the latest annual report by the Surfers Against Pollution Charter, a significant contribution to plastic pollution has been identified for the first time in a large number of e-cigarette and e-liquid products, involving 131 brands. Consequently, Member of Parliament Cheryl Murray is urging individuals to handle waste in a responsible manner, not limited to e-cigarettes, in order to show respect for the environment.


In addition, the Cornwall Health Project is collaborating with the Cornwall Smoke-Free Alliance to share information and best practices regarding e-cigarettes in order to educate young people and parents about the associated risks. According to data, the proportion of teenagers under 18 in the UK using e-cigarettes is projected to increase to 7% by 2022, compared to 4% in 2020. Among e-cigarette users aged 16-18, 33% discard their e-cigarettes in trash cans at school or work, while 8% of this age group admitted to disposing of disposable e-cigarettes on the ground, as reported by Material Focus.


Therefore, MP Cheryl Murray emphasizes that while it is possible to encourage adult smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, they need to ensure that the chosen e-cigarette is approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The government and relevant agencies provide more advice and resources for schools and professionals to refer to. For more information on e-cigarettes, visit the official website of Healthy Cornwall.


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