Vuse Leads E-Cigarette Market Over Juul

Vuse Leads E-Cigarette Market Over Juul
Vuse e-cigarette brand leads market share over Juul, according to Nielsen's latest convenience store report.

On April 4th, according to the latest convenience store report released by Nielsen, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co.'s electronic cigarette brand Vuse continued to lead the market share over Juul. Nielsen's latest analysis covers the four weeks ending on March 25th.

According to the latest report, Vuse's market share has increased from 41.5% to 42.2%, while Juul remains at 26.1%.

NJoy, ranked third, remained stable at 2.7%, while Fontem Ventures' blu eCigs also remained stable at 1.4%.

According to the latest report, Juul's dollar sales have decreased by 23.9% over the past four weeks, while in the report from August 10, 2019, their sales had increased by 50.2%.

In comparison, sales growth for each brand from August 10th, 2019 to March of this year is as follows:

Vuse, Reynolds' electronic cigarette brand, experiences a 31.1% surge.

NJoy Inc's stock plummeted by 10.9%.

blu eCigs has experienced a decline of 37.4%.

Japan Tobacco's logic: increases by 5.2%.


Reynolds’ Vuse e-cigarette brand is maintaining its lead in market share over Juul.

The market share of Vuse has increased to 42% while that of Juul has decreased to 26%.

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