AFC Cup 2022: Indonesia vs Cambodia at Puncakano Stadium

AFC Cup 2022: Indonesia vs Cambodia at Puncakano Stadium
The 2022 AFC Cup match between Indonesia and Cambodia will be held on 23/12/2022 and strict security measures will be in place.

It is reported that the 2022 Asian Football Confederation Cup Group A match between Indonesia and Cambodia will take place on Friday, December 23, 2022, in the afternoon at the Pencakono main stadium in western Indonesia.

On December 22nd, PSSI President Mochamad Iriawan conducted an inspection of the stadium's readiness status. Iwan Bule, a well-known figure, also oversaw a simulation pertaining to the mechanisms involving the audience seating arrangements.

He urged potential SUGBK audience members not to bring large bags. Flash grenades as well as traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes (vape/pod) are also prohibited.

The organizers do not provide a storage space for belongings. Therefore, Iriawan emphasizes that it is best to leave electronic cigarettes or pods in the car, or not bring them to the stadium at all.

Do not bring large bags, flares, traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes. It is best not to bring them at all and only bring necessary items, as strict checks will be implemented in the future," said Iliavan.

Bottled drinks are not allowed and will be transferred to plastic containers. He concluded by saying, 'Let us all agree that the success of this event will be a collective success for all of us'.

All spectators are required to undergo a physical screening. Male and female security personnel will examine each spectator to ensure no prohibited items are brought in.

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