Altria Applies to FDA for Selling NJOY Fruit Flavors in 100,000 Stores by 2024

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Altria Applies to FDA for Selling NJOY Fruit Flavors in 100,000 Stores by 2024
Tobacco company Altria plans to introduce berry and watermelon flavored e-cigarettes, implementing bluetooth technology to restrict underage use.

According to Bloomberg's report on February 21st, the American tobacco company Altria stated that they have methods to ensure that when looking for new alternatives to tobacco products, these products are only suitable for adults.


CEO Billy Gifford recently announced at a meeting that Altria is finalizing its application to the Food and Drug Administration to sell NJOY e-cigarette products in blueberry and watermelon flavors. He mentioned that Altria is awaiting FDA feedback on the mint-flavored version.


The company plans to use Bluetooth technology to prevent minors from using it, but the specific method has not been detailed yet. Gifford stated, "We have proven that age restrictions can effectively prevent minors from accessing in almost all cases."


Gifford stated that Altria plans to introduce its regular tobacco-flavored NJOY e-cigarette products to 100,000 stores by 2024, up from last year's approximately 75,000 stores, and will adopt new packaging. He estimates that the international sales opportunities for heated tobacco and e-cigarette products are worth between $35 billion and $50 billion.


After achieving encouraging results with the launch of the larger sized oral nicotine pouch On! Plus, Altria plans to expand sales in Sweden and also introduce the product in the UK.


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