Australia to Ban Import of Non-Prescription E-Cigarettes

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Australia to Ban Import of Non-Prescription E-Cigarettes
The Australian government has announced plans to ban the importation of non-prescription e-cigarettes and establish a minimum quality standard.

Australian Health Minister Mark Butler announced that the government will establish minimum quality standards. The established standards will include:

  • stop the import of non-prescription vapes;
  • increase the minimum quality standards for vapes including by restricting flavours, colours, and other ingredients;
  • require pharmaceutical-like packaging;
  • reduce the allowed nicotine concentrations and volumes; and
  • ban all single use, disposable vapes.


This decision comes after the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) conducted an investigation into e-cigarette regulation reform, with the majority of materials submitted by relevant health organizations supporting strengthening border control.


Health Minister Butler expressed his stance in a TV program that the tobacco industry is trying to create "a new generation of nicotine addicts" through e-cigarettes and that he is "determined to eliminate this public health threat."


The Australian government will also work with states and territories to end e-cigarette sales at convenience stores and other retailers. The government will also establish stricter standards for e-cigarette products sold in pharmacies so that people can trust the product's content.


Australia plans to invest AUD 234 million in tobacco and e-cigarette reform. AUD 63 million will be used for public health campaigns to prevent smoking and e-cigarette use and to encourage more people to quit smoking. Another AUD 30 million will be allocated to support programs to help Australians quit smoking and to enhance education and training for health professionals on smoking and nicotine cessation.


The Australian government's plan has been described as a "public health disaster" by the Australian Public Health Association CEO, Terry Slevin. He said that the reform will make Australia a world leader in tobacco and e-cigarette control.

Laura Hunter, CEO of the Australian Smoking and Health Council, said seeing the government take "decisive action" against a harmful industry was encouraging. She said the government's plan would largely normalize e-cigarette culture.


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