Brazil's Tobacco Harvest Yields Expected to Increase 8%

Brazil's Tobacco Harvest Yields Expected to Increase 8%
The fifth tobacco harvest in Brazil's southern state of Rio Grande do Sul opened with an expected 8% increase in production.

On Tuesday (6th), the fifth tobacco harvest opening ceremony was held in the southern Brazilian city of Rio Grande do Sul.

It is expected that the production of this crop will increase by nearly 8%. This state accounts for 44% of the total production in the southern part of the country.

The event took place in the city of São Lourenço do Sul, located in the southern region of the state, and was attended by representatives from the responsible department.

In this harvest, the state's planting area will increase after experiencing eight years of decline.

According to the Brazilian Tobacco Growers Association (Afubra), the country is set to plant 261,000 hectares of tobacco, with Southern Rio Grande do Sul state alone accounting for 117,000 hectares – a growth of 6.14%.

Events like these serve as a reminder of the need to protect our production chain and our comprehensive tobacco production system, which are crucial to maintaining our position as the world's second-largest tobacco producer and largest tobacco exporter for decades. By 2022, our tobacco exports had already exceeded $2 billion, making Brazil the largest tobacco exporting country for 30 consecutive years," said Iro Schünke, President of SindiTabaco, at the opening ceremony of harvest season.

President of Afubra, Benício Werner, has highlighted the importance of the tobacco industry, especially for manufacturers and relevant local, state, and national authorities. He expressed optimism for the current harvest season, emphasizing his hope for a bountiful yield and a profitable year for all involved in the industry.

As a result, production will also increase and is expected to grow by 7.9%, from 560,000 tons in the previous cycle to just over 604,000 tons.

In Southern Rio Grande State, there must be 256,000 tons between the Virginia and Bright Leaf tobacco varieties.

The reason for the increase is that the product has appreciated in previous harvests, which has prompted the manufacturer to reinvest.

The average productivity should increase to 2,310 kilograms per hectare.

In addition to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the areas and output in the states of Santa Catarina and Parana will also increase.

Producers in Santa Catarina state have increased their planting area by 10%, with an expected 11% increase in production.

The area of the Paraná state has grown by almost 7%, with projected production expected to increase by nearly 11%.

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