Canada Revises Tobacco and Vaping Products Act in 2018

Canada revises tobacco and e-cigarette laws to protect youths and recognize vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) in Canada was revised in 2018, acknowledging that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking. The revised act also includes measures to protect minors from harm caused by the product through label and promotional restrictions.


According to Darryl Tempest, the Government Relations Committee of the Canadian Vaping Association, electronic cigarettes have helped millions of smokers quit, and could help even more if not for the media's misleading statements and misunderstandings about the products. As part of the TVPA review process, lawmakers must have the opportunity to hear from a wide range of experts.


The public consultation period for the TVPA will come to a close on April 27th.


Meanwhile, the TVPA (Tobacco and Vaping Products Act) is set to undergo authorized parliamentary review, while the Canadian government has initiated public consultations by April 27th, 2022. A discussion paper from Health Canada encourages adult smokers to switch to safer alternatives. "For adult smokers, there appears to be a lack of awareness that e-cigarette products pose a lesser harm nicotine source for those who are currently smoking and have fully switched to e-cigarettes. A survey conducted in 2020 found that only 22% of smokers were aware that vaping is less harmful than smoking.


However, section 30.43 of the TVPA prohibits "making claims that are likely to lead people to believe that health benefits may result from the use of the product or its emissions or by comparing the health effects of using the product or its emissions with those of using tobacco products or their emissions. The purpose of this ban is to prevent the public from being deceived or misled regarding the health risks of using electronic cigarette products.


The "list of statements for promoting electronic cigarette products" from Canada's Department of Health.


CVA will urge Health Canada to address the issue and include relevant risk statements for licensed professional e-cigarette shops to use, based on the submitted documents. In 2018, Health Canada proposed a list of statements for promoting e-cigarette products, which has since been left dormant and stagnant within the bureaucratic structure of the department, compromising potential public health gains from smokers switching to e-cigarettes.


CVA looks forward to actively participating in the review process and advocating for enhanced measures to protect youth, as well as increasing information for smokers and promoting the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. We encourage all stakeholders to provide feedback," said Tempest.


(Source: Vaping Post)


The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act is now open for consultation in Canada. This development was reported by the Vaping Post on April 6, 2022.


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