Chicken Curry E-Liquid Flavour A Surprising Success in Greece

Market by Alice Wang
Chicken Curry E-Liquid Flavour A Surprising Success in Greece
Greek company sells out e-cigarette liquid with chicken curry flavor, surprising industry with unexpected success.

According to Greek media outlet Tokoulouri, a Greek company has launched an e-cigarette liquid with a chicken curry flavour, which sold out immediately upon its release.


According to reports, the company took a risk by introducing a flavor that many people didn't think would be popular, but it turned out to be a hit. The company's research and development department is now trying to find a way to quickly produce this specific flavor, and the e-cigarette industry is surprised by its success.


The most successful flavors to date have either replicated the taste of natural tobacco (such as Virginia, Burley, or Mint), or have opted for sweet dessert flavors (like New York Cheesecake, Ice Cream Cone, or Peanut Butter).


According to the report, consumers who tried the chicken curry flavor did not find it unpleasant. Developers of the flavor say that chicken curry will gradually become more common, and they expect the shelves to soon be stocked with more products featuring this flavor.




A Greek company has released a new electronic cigarette with a flavor of chicken and popcorn.


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