Crackdown on E-cigarette Black Market in Zhangshu City

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Crackdown on E-cigarette Black Market in Zhangshu City
Zhangshu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau actively cracks down on illegal e-cigarette workshops and strengthens regulation and management.

According to a report from Da Jiang Net, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in Zhangshu City has recently taken diligent measures to investigate and crack down on illicit e-cigarette manufacturers operating within their jurisdiction. They are actively working towards establishing legal and standardized governance for e-cigarettes.


The tobacco monopoly bureau in Zhangshu City is intensifying its promotion of the 12313 hotline for reporting complaints, and encouraging the active participation of the public to strengthen the prevention and control of e-cigarette "black factories" and create a favorable atmosphere for the crackdown on such factories. They are also enhancing daily supervision, utilizing both online monitoring and offline inspections, emphasizing the regulatory functions of the e-cigarette trading management platform. They are focusing on investigating retailers selling e-cigarettes that have been withdrawn from the market, and strictly implementing requirements for traceability, strict regulation, and supervision. The bureau's enforcement officers are forming teams to thoroughly investigate key areas where e-cigarette "black factories" might be easily hidden, such as idle factories, abandoned courtyards, farms, and small workshops. They are establishing records and registering each location.


In the next phase, the Zhangshu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau will strengthen inspections in the retail market and delivery sector, expand the sources of leads, and integrate the crackdown on illicit e-cigarette workshops into a comprehensive governance system. Efforts will be made to enhance collaboration and coordination among relevant authorities, thereby generating a unified regulatory force to ensure the effectiveness of supervision.


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