Electric Picnic Bans Entry of Disposable E-Cigarettes

Electric Picnic Bans Entry of Disposable E-Cigarettes
The organizers of the Electric Picnic music festival in Ireland have announced a ban on disposable e-cigarettes at the event.

On August 28th, according to Irish media outlet The Journal, the organizers of the electronic music festival "Electric Picnic" have announced a ban on bringing disposable e-cigarettes into the event.


The Electric Picnic festival, which will take place from September 1st to 3rd in Stradbally, County Laois, Ireland, has issued a warning to ticket holders on social media. The organizers have stated that any disposable e-cigarettes found upon entry to the music festival will be confiscated.


The organizers of the music festival announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they have made the decision to prohibit the use of such devices at the festival grounds in order to "safeguard the music festival venue.


The post stated:


Disposable e-cigarettes are made from a mixture of various materials, making them difficult to recycle and potentially hazardous if not disposed of properly in waste management facilities.


According to reports, Electric Picnic is one of the largest music and arts festivals in Ireland, taking place annually during the summer. The event attracts artists from various music genres, including rock, pop, and electronic music. In addition to musical performances, Electric Picnic also features a diverse range of cultural activities such as theater, comedy, film, arts, and yoga.


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