VapeGuardian Founder Nominated for UK Outstanding Business Award

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VapeGuardian Founder Nominated for UK Outstanding Business Award
UK entrepreneur Simon Hassett has been nominated for the 2023 UK Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for his work tackling e-cigarette issues in schools.

According to a report by the Daily Echo on September 14th, British entrepreneur Simon Hassett has been shortlisted for the 2023 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in the United Kingdom for his work in addressing e-cigarette issues in schools in Southampton. Hassett is the founder of VapeGuardian, a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying e-cigarette detection devices. He will be attending the awards ceremony in London in November.


In response to the issue of students using e-cigarettes on school premises, Hasset introduced e-cigarette detection devices for the first time in October last year. These devices are currently being utilized in several schools in Hampshire.


VapeGuardian is dedicated to mitigating the risks of e-cigarette usage among young people. The system has been implemented in 237 schools in the United Kingdom, with 80% of schools receiving alert messages within the first week. According to VapeGuardian, the detector at one school was triggered 51 times in a single day.


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