FEELM's Latest Technological Solutions and Product Lineup Unveiled at TPE24

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FEELM's Latest Technological Solutions and Product Lineup Unveiled at TPE24
The Total Product Expo 24 officially opened in Las Vegas, featuring FEELM's latest technological solutions and product lineup.

The Total Product Expo 24, an annual tobacco exhibition in Las Vegas, officially commenced on January 31st at 12 PM PST (February 1st at 4 AM in Beijing time). At the event, representatives from 2FIRSTS engaged in discussions with FEELM staff on site.


FEELM's Latest Technological Solutions and Product Lineup Unveiled at TPE24
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On FEELM's exhibition stand, there was not an excessive display of their own logo. Instead, the focus was on showcasing the logo of their collaborating client brands and their latest product series. However, 2FIRSTS noted that while assisting clients in showcasing their products, FEELM also revealed their newest two major technological solutions on the center of the booth, alongside the series of products that incorporate these solutions.


One of the products showcased at the FEELM event is a sleek, round-shaped device with a "volcano" design in its oil chamber. It is one of the products that feature FEELM's single ceramic high-explosive technology. This product is equipped with an electronic screen that displays real-time changes in oil levels and supports various power settings, with a capacity of over 18,000 puffs.


FEELM, the company that unveiled its Power Alpha non-charging solution in TPE last year, has introduced an upgrade this year. The Power Alpha 2.0 now supports an even greater number of devices without the need for charging. With a maximum capacity of over 15,000 devices, it is 2.5 times more powerful than its predecessor. One of the products utilizing this solution, Marathon, was showcased at the exhibition with the slogan "Bye, charger!" highlighting its standout feature of being able to operate without the need for charging.


At the TPE event, products with screens were a major highlight, which was one of the feedback received by 2FIRSTS from various channels. The United States is the largest e-cigarette consumption market globally, with a vast consumer base that has been using e-cigarettes for the longest duration. Therefore, compared to the allure screens bring to consumers, FEELM personnel believe that returning to the essence of the product - its sensation and flavor - remain important factors for attracting repeat purchases. Screens, on the other hand, serve more as an added bonus.


The e-cigarette market in the United States is characterized by rapid updates and replacements, with new products being launched every 3-6 months, a consensus in the industry. TPE exhibition, as one of the indicators of the e-cigarette market in the US and even globally, showcases products that represent the needs of a broad range of consumers. This will greatly accelerate the launch of new products from different brands, driving the evolution of product forms and trends.


Looking back at the changes in the industry and market over the past 5 years, it is evident that policies have consistently been a significant factor affecting industry development. However, with each policy implementation, there comes an upgrade and transformation in the industry. Although the e-cigarette industry has been through its fair share of ups and downs, it is currently facing market fluctuations due to the recent ban on e-cigarettes in the UK. In the future, it may confront further industry changes as a result of policies being implemented.


But according to FEELM staff, the implementation of regulatory policies actually promotes the evolution of the entire industry at its core. Each landing of regulatory policy will give birth to new product and technological forms, bringing about another transformation and upgrade of the industry. FEELM states that their response strategy has always been to strengthen research and development and technological reserves, in order to provide consumers and customers with products that are more compliant and offer a better experience.


Currently, the saying "big smoke turned small, small smoke turned big" is popular in the market, but this actually doesn't accurately summarize the evolution of e-cigarette products. According to a FEELM staff member, the current changes in products are actually moving towards "ultimate optimization". There are countless different products available for every consumer pain point and there are also more innovative solutions emerging. For example, to address the pain point of non-transparent e-liquids, there are now transparent oil chambers and electronic screens, and there may be even more solutions being developed.


After the end of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS will be hosting a deep sharing event on TPE and the American market on February 6th. During this event, 2FIRSTS' Global Executive Editor-in-Chief, Yuna Hou, and the American team will share the latest discoveries from the exhibition and delve into topics such as product trends and policy direction in the United States. For more information and registration, please scan the QR code below to contact 2FIRSTS staff members.


FEELM's Latest Technological Solutions and Product Lineup Unveiled at TPE24

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