First Batch of National Standard E-Cigarettes Sold in Shenzhen

First batch of national standard e-cigarettes sold at a Shenzhen store, with warning labels now required on packaging.

According to the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, on the morning of August 29th, the first batch of national standard electronic cigarette products issued by the Shenzhen Tobacco Monopoly Bureau arrived at an electronic cigarette specialty store in Futian District. The store subsequently sold one Yooz Phantom "Galaxy Dream" e-cigarette and one box each of "Forgotten River Path" and "Forest Revival" e-cigarette pods, marking the first national standard electronic cigarette product sales in the country.


Today, 2FIRSTS received the first domestically standardized electronic cigarette product and conducted a detailed observation of its packaging, physical properties, and instructions. This article is only for learning and discussing the new national standards, and does not serve as any brand or product promotion or recommendation. Smoking is harmful to health. Minors are prohibited from reading this article.


The warning of national standard products


On May 12th, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau released its "Regulations on Warning Labels for Electronic Cigarettes." Article 1 states that these regulations apply to electronic cigarettes and their sales packaging sold within the People's Republic of China. Article 5 requires warning labels to be located on the bottom of the product and cover at least 35.0% of the surface.


In other words, not only should the "sales packaging" be labeled with warnings, but the electronic cigarette itself should also be labeled with warnings. The warnings should also be large and prominent.


One of the new challenges faced by electronic cigarette manufacturers since the release of the new national standard is the warning label. We can see the difference between the new standard products and those previously sold.


It can be seen that the warning packaging of new national standard products fully complies with the requirements of the national standard for electronic cigarettes. According to the policy interpretation of the "Electronic Cigarette Warning Labeling Regulations" formulated by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, "standardizing electronic cigarette warning labeling is an effective measure to remind consumers that smoking electronic cigarettes is harmful to health, not to smoke electronic cigarettes in smoke-free places, discourage youth from smoking electronic cigarettes, prohibit primary and secondary school students from smoking electronic cigarettes, and prohibit misleading and inducing consumers, especially minors, to use electronic cigarettes. It is a necessary requirement to integrate electronic cigarettes into the track of rule of law and standardization and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


National standard product manual.


The new national standard has, for the first time, made detailed and precise requirements for the instructions provided with electronic cigarette products.


According to internal materials from an online training session hosted by the national standard technical consulting group for "e-cigarettes" at the Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, product manuals for electronic cigarettes should include the following information:


Accordingly, we can compare the instructions of the new national standard product.


National Standard Tobacco Flavor


The first two flavors of YOOKKOO's pod cartridges to be sold are "Wangjiang Path Forgotten" and "Forest Revitalization," both of which have been approved through new national standards technology assessments for tobacco flavors. "Wangjiang Path Forgotten" is characterized by a "Mountain Roast 25" flavor, while "Forest Revitalization" is characterized by a "Mountain Roast 53" flavor, both of which are reminiscent of the classic roasted tobacco flavor found in traditional cigarettes.


According to the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, 27 brands and a total of 75 products have been approved for launch after passing their technical evaluations.


1. This article is only intended for learning and discussion of the new national standard and does not promote or recommend any brands or products. 2. Smoking is harmful to health. Minors are prohibited from reading this article.


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