Greek Government Implements Tax Adjustments for Nicotine-containing Products

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Greek Government Implements Tax Adjustments for Nicotine-containing Products
Greece adjusts taxes on nicotine-containing non-tobacco products, aligning them with tobacco products, to address consumption shift towards heated tobacco and e-cigarettes.

According to data from the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance, they are making tax adjustments to non-tobacco products containing nicotine to make them similar to tobacco products. This includes tax adjustments on "non-combustible electronic products" and "nicotine pouches.


A special consumption tax of 156.7 euros per kilogram has been implemented for non-tobacco nicotine heating products. This tax rate is the same as that applied to traditional tobacco heating products such as IQOS. For nicotine pouches, on the other hand, the special consumption tax is lower, set at 50 euros per kilogram. The tax base is determined by the net weight of nicotine or nicotine and other substances, calculated in solid form. Both types of nicotine products are subject to a 24% value-added tax.


According to data, traditional smoking in Greece has decreased by one-third over the past 20 years. In 2021, Greek smokers consumed 11.5 billion cigarettes, compared to 32 billion in 2002. This means that each resident consumed approximately 1,100 cigarettes, compared to approximately 3,000 cigarettes per resident in 2002.


According to a report, Greek consumers have recently shown a clear shift towards heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes.


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